Merge.It Pro® v.2.1

IT Professional Consultants Inc. is proud to have just released Merge.It Pro®, a document merging solution that can be easily integrated to any existing FleMaker Pro© 9,10,11 solution. Free 15 Day Full Version Trial

Merge.It Pro® Lite -$129.00. (Single Computer)
Limited to 1 FM File, 1 FM Table, No "Advance Mode"

Merge.It Pro® Advance -$189.00. (Single Computer)
Unlimited FM File, unlimited FM Table connections, "Advance Mode"allows you to access crtical Merge.It Pro® tables to fully integrate into your own solution.

Merge.It Pro Network - Coming soon! (2-25 Users)

*All Products require you to have [Full-Access] to the solution you wish to integrate Merge.It Pro® to.
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