Merge.It Pro® - Version History

Version Update (January, 2013)

We are pleased to release our latest version of the Merge.It Pro software today. New updated version supports FileMaker Pro 12 along with updated version(s) of the Troi Dialog (5.5.7) and Troi File (6.1.1). Further improves compatibility with FileMaker Pro 12 and compatible with Windows 8!

Version (June, 2010)

This release addresses some known issues with our registration model and we have added a new feature that will give Merge.It Pro the ability to import generic document templates to be used with your solution. This new version incorporates new Troi Dialog (5.5.2) features to further enhance the experience.

We have also released new video with step by step instruction on how to link and install Merge.It Pro® to any exisitng solution. Watch it here.

Merge.It Pro® - Released (May, 2010)

Merge.It Pro® is a new powerful FileMaker® Pro application designed to enhance and integrate with your existing FileMaker® Pro 9,10, 11 database solution. Perfect for any solution requiring the need to produce multiple word processing documents. Read our official press release.

What Is Merge.It Pro®?

Merge.It Pro® is a FileMaker Pro® program that can enhance any existing FileMaker Pro® 9,10, 11 software solution. Empower any solution with the ability to create word processing documents using document merging. Merge.It Pro® works by creating a library of merge codes that gathers it's result from fields, calculations, and even a dialog input. Use the merge codes in your favorite word processor to create document templates and then merge the information from your solution. Documents are produced and can be opened in MS Word, Corel WordPerfect, Apple Pages, OpenOffice.

Merge.It Pro® makes it easy for any developer of all skill levels to add this powerful feature to their application. Give your end users a simple and easy to learn document merging system, that allows them to create new documents and reports. No need to learn or use XML or XSLT. No need to create a new layout for every document that must be produced.

Clear and detailed instructions takes you step by step to integrate this powerful application into your solution discreetly. Save time and money in development by adding this program to your solution today!

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• Add document merging capabilities to any existing FileMaker® Pro 9, 10, 11 software solution.

•  Auto generate merge codes from your FileMaker® Pro fields, functions, Dialog input, and hard coded values.

• Batch processing power. Create 1 or more documents to 1 or more records with a single easy to use 3 step script!

• Create TAB and CSV data exports specific to the document template and records selected.

• Auto create sub-directories of merged documents specific to the record.

• Included "Batch Manager" tracks all documents processed.

• Fully integratable with the "Advance" mode feature, access to core tables.

• If you need to produce any number of word processing documents Merge.It Pro® is the solution for the job.

• Works in the background silently and discreetly with your solution!


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